KoirPeat™ Brick

brick KoirPeat™ bricks are specially made for the retail stores and retail nurseries.

KoirPeat™ is bio-organic substrate that has very unique characteristics which promotes plant growth exponentially. Unlike peat moss, KoirPeat™ is a renewable resource derived from the coconut husks

KoirPeat™ bricks are an ideal option for use in troughs, hanging baskets, pots, or other applications where large expansion is not required. Custom labelled and individually shrink wrapped packaging is available for retail sale.
Specification Average Value
Brick dimensions 8”x4”x2” (+/- 0.25”)
Unit weight 1.4 lbs (+/- 0.10 lbs)
Electrical conductivity < 0.50 ms/cm
pH 5.5-6.8
Moisture Content < 15%
Compression Ratio 8:1 (+/- 10%)
Total Organic Matter 95%
Expanded Volume 2.0-2.2 gallons per brick
Lignin Content 44% to 48%
Cellulose Content 20% to 30%
Packing Palletized and Stretch Wrapped
Loading Capacity per 40’ HC Container 1500 bricks per pallet x 20 pallets (30,000 bricks/container)


  • Retail sale and homeowner use
  • Greenhouses
  • Hydroponic growing
  • Potting mix suppliers
  • Earthworm bedding
  • Vegetable gardens